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In advance of our upcoming show at the V Arts Festival at the Courtyard Theatre, Jon Wilks joined the folks at Resonance FM to talk about the folk that we do. Is it “psych folk”? Is that a form of avant gardening? Who knows, but he had a bash at explaining. He starts waffling at around 25 mins and 40 seconds. 


On a show that also featured award-winning actress, Davina Cole, and world funk DJ, Eleanore Desnos (both of who are also on the bill for Saturday’s V-Arts Festival), Jon spoke to actress/interviewer Ayesha Casely-Hayford about the formation of the Grizzly Folk, playing 500-year-old folk songs to a Japanese audience, and even took the interviewer’s mic for a spot of impromptu journalism. It was all topped off with performances of Baibaba Bimba and The I Don’t Know Song, both of which you can listen to below.

Make sure you get tickets for V-Arts by booking here.


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