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This blog is a bit of a hodge-podge, but don’t let that deter you. More often than not it’s a collection of articles on folk music, written by a couple of journalists and their occasionally willing friends. Jon Wilks is a former music journalist (Time Out, Japan Times, Dazed & Confused, The Guardian) while Richard Lines, also an ex-Time Out man, generally plies his trade at The Mirror. We like to explore the stories behind folk songs, interview folk musicians, and run fingers through beards (our own, individually) trying to look windswept and interesting.

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And then there’s the band…

The band…

“The Grizzly Folk used to perform regularly, bringing their absurdist, psychedelic version of British psych folk and surrealism to the masses. These days, the main members have been scattered by the four winds and perform only when their gaolers allow.”

Yes, the Grizzly Folk also make music. Originally a duo – Jon Wilks and Jon Nice – formed in Japan in 2008, they’re usually accompanied by whichever local musicians they can get their hands on. To this day the lineup varies from performance to performance. Regularly accompanying us are Richard Lines, Stephen Field and Emma Kuntze, but we’ll take anybody and everybody, providing they can hold a reasonable tune.

To date we’ve released two EPs and two full-length albums (although the first EP has long ago vanished – let us know if you have a copy we can listen to!) You can find out more about these on our recordings page.

Contact Jon Wilks and Grizzly Folk

Jon Wilks also performs on his own as a solo singer, mixing traditional songs and stories with a smattering of originals. If you’d like to book either Jon or the Grizzly Folk, drop them a line at jon@grizzlyfolk.com.

And if you want to see us live… 

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