Songs from the Attic – the album – now available on all digital platforms

Songs from the Attic, the album, is the result of the last nine months spent researching and writing traditional folk songs here on this blog. Each song at some point began to get under my skin and, following a lengthy process of fairly obsessive study and performance, I found I’d fallen in love with them – just as many, many people have done before me and will do again.  Read More

Nobody Writes Protest Songs Anymore | Now available from all good digital stores

Another week, another song – only this one isn’t traditional, and it isn’t on the new album, Songs from the Attic. It would be tempting to call it an outtake, but it’s more than that. It’s a song I wrote the morning after Trump’s victory, when I awoke in a shepherd’s cabin in Norfolk (where I happened to be staying – the shepherd had long gone) and pondered what the new world looked like. It took me all of 15 minutes to write, and there’s even a video of it on Youtube, recorded seconds after it was completed, that shows it in […]

Photos from Wickham Festival 2017

Wickham Festival is a decade and a half old, so you get the sense it ought to be better known. At the same time, you kinda hope it stays as intimate as currently is. Set on the southwesterly tip of the South Downs, it’s a real gem of a festival – a gorgeous location, an easy size to get around, a not-too-big-but-definitely-not-small audience, three well-sized stages… and performers that make you wonder just how the organisers can afford it all. Ours not to reason why, though. Ours but to get stuck in. 

Nobody Writes Protest Songs Anymore | Folk from the Attic

Not a folk song in the traditional sense, I must admit, but something that fits in with the 60s and 70s style perhaps – the point at which the folk and singer-songwriter genres crossed over. I wrote this the morning after Donald Trump’s victory. For various reasons, I’d taken myself off to a little hut in the middle of Norfolk nowhere and, feeling an unpleasant sense of the inevitable having taken place, this tune found its way out. 

Where has all the wassailing gone?

Not enough wassailing is done in this day and age, in my opinion. It’s a lost talent, overdue a comeback, and this year I intend to get right back into it. There’s no time to lose, either – wassailing is best enjoyed over the festive season, and come late January, wassailing is rarely found for neither love nor money.