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Another week, another song – only this one isn’t traditional, and it isn’t on the new album, Songs from the Attic. It would be tempting to call it an outtake, but it’s more than that. It’s a song I wrote the morning after Trump’s victory, when I awoke in a shepherd’s cabin in Norfolk (where I happened to be staying – the shepherd had long gone) and pondered what the new world looked like. It took me all of 15 minutes to write, and there’s even a video of it on Youtube, recorded seconds after it was completed, that shows it in […]

Durham Fair | Songs from the Attic | Now available from all good digital stores

In the seven or eight months I’ve been exploring traditional songs, or perhaps trying to find a folk music definition, one thing that crops up again and again is the importance of stories. When I play live, and when I see other traditional singers play live, the passing on of stories is a really important part of what takes place. And the more you can find out about the original singers, the collectors, the conditions in which the songs were collected, the more you can bring these songs to life.  Read More

Grizzly FM…

In advance of our upcoming show at the V Arts Festival at the Courtyard Theatre, Jon Wilks joined the folks at Resonance FM to talk about the folk that we do. Is it “psych folk”? Is that a form of avant gardening? Who knows, but he had a bash at explaining. He starts waffling at around 25 mins and 40 seconds.