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Jon Wilks writes about folk music and performs it when people let him. The songs he performs are chosen via the Folk from the Attic series on this blog, in which he explores a traditional song through performance and research. His live shows are an amusing mix of folk song performance and conversation, throwing in tidbits of weird and wonderful information about the original singers and collectors that he has come across during his research.

The folk music press had these lovely things to say about his debut album, Songs from the Attic... 

"His love for folk music manifests itself throughout this lovely album." - Folk Radio UK

"Songs From the Attic is a genuine, carefully considered album which is made with a lot of heart. It deserves to be noticed." - Bright Young Folk



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Jon regularly performs the songs written about here on the Grizzly Folk website. To book him, drop him a line on

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Of his concerts, Jon says...

The gigs tend to reflect what I do here on the internet. I’m fascinated by old songs that have a resonance with the present. I love the way in which a song like ‘Hard Times of Old England‘, written (some say) as early as the 1700s, sounds as though it was written in a recession-hit town in the last year or so. I love that something like ‘The Bedmaking‘, uncovered in Victorian times, sounds like a black comedy from the last decade – and can be properly funky to boot!

Almost as importantly, I love the stories that go with these songs, and that’s a large part of what I like to talk about on stage. I’m keen to share with you, the audience, the great tales that I’ve learnt as I’ve created this blog, and show you that these old songs are about people and lives that were fulsomely lived, often with huge dollops of cheek and tragedy, and I love having the opportunity to remember those people – to give them a brief moment in the sun, however momentarily, centuries later.

Folk songs are, to me, musical snapshots into lives and times gone by. It’s fun to take those shots out and peruse them together every now and then.

Naturally, I will throw in one or two of my own songs – tidbits that follow in the same tradition, recording lives lived and moments passed that you may see reflected in your own at some point in time.

Jon Wilks writes the majority of the articles on the Grizzly Folk website. Formerly an editorial director at Time Out magazine (having worked in London, the UAE and Tokyo), Jon is now a freelance writer and digital strategist. But that's just the day job. 

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