The Greenland Whale Fishery | Folk from the Attic

Fresh from my Steve Roud interview, having learnt that the folk singer is an entirely modern construct, today I found myself itching to get my guitar out and dive into an old sea shanty. Let’s be clear, though: while this is some kind of performance of ‘The Greenland Whale Fishery’, it doesn’t in any way bear any resemblance to the original ‘Greenland Whale Fishery’ [Roud 347]. Nor can I claim to be a folk singer. In fact, it’s probably best that you – the reader – limit yourself to thinking that this isn’t really a performance at all. More a […]

Marry Waterson on Bright Phoebus: an album of myth and magic for all the family

The great ‘lost’ folk album, Bright Phoebus, means a huge amount to a lot of people, most of whom assumed that it would remain lost given that its two central figures – Lal and Mike Waterson – have now passed away. But a springtime announcement changed all that when it was revealed that Lal’s daughter, the artist and singer Marry Waterson, had been working on a Bright Phoebus re-release in conjunction with David Suff and Domino Records. 

Bright Phoebus | Folk from the Attic

I first heard ‘Bright Phoebus’ on a Spotify playlist, fed to me algorithmically, no doubt, due to my random forays into the world of psych folk. Not that I suppose Lal or Mike Waterson would ever have considered themselves ‘psych’. The nearest the song gets to that genre tag is perhaps in the childish simplicity of the tune, a songwriting gimmick common to the psychedelic musicians of the time, but it seems unlikely that this might have been purposeful. The only thing you could imagine Mike Waterson and Syd Barrett sharing is the period they lived in. A little background reading and it turns […]